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Lifespan System® Eliminates I/I Problems

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The Lifespan System® is the only integrated manhole system on the market that is specifically designed to eliminate unwanted flows at the cover and chimney area. It is made of the same ultra high-performance elastomers that have been used in transportation for more than 50 years. Now, applied to collection systems, they provide a watertight, naturally corrosion-proof, and highly durable frame and cover system.

Suitable for use in either new or refurbished installations, The Lifespan System® is designed to retain the hydraulic, watertight and structural integrity of the underlying concrete structure and deliver a longer service life.

The system saves money because it outlasts anything presently available. With the Lifespan System®, existing collection systems are more efficient, so the cost of increasing capacity is delayed. The system is watertight at all critical points (structure to risers, risers to frame, and frame to cover), eliminating inflow and infiltration in these areas. The cover uses a locking cam system to provide a positive seal between the cover and the frame. The Lifespan System® absorbs vehicular impact, so the system and surrounding pavement remain intact, saving on costly road repairs associated with metal systems. Lifespan is also ergonomically friendly, as the frame weighs only 55 lb and the two risers weigh only 22 lb each, providing a safe, simple installation.

Hamilton Kent representatives have been busy actively promoting and demonstrating The Lifespan System® to cities and municipalities all over the US and Canada. If you are interested in learning more about Lifespan, please visit the Lifespan web page or contact HK at or (800) 268-8479.