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Lifespan Gets an "A" from TRA

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The Lifespan System® is the only integrated manhole system on the market that is specifically designed to eliminate unwanted inflow at the cover and infiltration in the chimney area. Suitable for use in either new or refurbished installations, The Lifespan System® is designed to retain the hydraulic, watertight and structural integrity of the underlying concrete structure and deliver a longer service life than traditional manhole frames.

In September 2010 Hamilton Kent received notification from The Road Authority (TRA) that The Lifespan System® had received an "Accepted for Use" designation, or an "A", as it is commonly referred to. The "Accepted for Use" designation indicates that Lifespan has been reviewed by the Ontario Provincial Standards’ Products Management Committee and meets established criteria to be recommended as acceptable for use in Ontario, Canada. The "A", as it is commonly referred to, is a prerequisite for doing business with the Province of Ontario.

Local governments in Ontario refer to the "A" as a contributing factor in their decision-making processes. Since every jurisdiction in Ontario makes its own decisions on what products to use, there is no uniform process for municipalities to accept products into their pre-qualified products lists. However, the "A" does strengthen the case for the product, and in some cases local governments have made the "A" one of the pre-requisites to being placed on their lists. This opens up a great opportunity for Hamilton Kent and the The Lifespan System® throughout Ontario.

The Road Authority ("TRA") is a Web site and database showcasing products and services available for use in Ontario for public right-of-way infrastructure - including roads, water mains, sewer systems, etc. TRA is owned and maintained by the Ontario Good Roads Association ("OGRA"), a non-profit organization supporting Ontario’s public sector. The web site is used as a resource tool by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) and local municipalities across the province.