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Successful Box Culvert Project Using TSS Gaskets

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The Fall 2010 issue of NPCA's "Precast Solutions" magazine features a high profile box culvert project utilizing Hamilton Kent’s Tylox SuperSeal gaskets in Lower Manhattan New York City, NY. The tunnel of precast box culvert sections carry combined sanitary and storm sewer water beneath the Imagination Playground at Burling Slip. Because the joints between each tunnel segment were to be hydrostatically tested after installation, the precaster, Garden State Precast, decided the best solution was purchase of new formwork with a single offset joint. By then having the ability to create box sections with very tight tolerances, they had the confidence to use Hamilton Kent’s SuperSeal gaskets, which successfully sealed every joint at the job site.

To see the complete article on this project and how SuperSeal was a winning combination with Garden State Precast’s box culverts, click here.