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The cost of improper manhole cover installation

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On July 17, 2013, a manhole cover flew into a woman’s windshield as she was driving. According to the Farmington Police Department, a tractor-trailer drove over the manhole cover, splitting it and causing part of it to fly into the woman’s vehicle. Fortunately, she only suffered minor injuries.


The police suspect the manhole cover was not properly fitted into the manhole.


Read the full story here.




At Hamilton Kent, we often stress the importance of a watertight seal for sustainability and cost efficiency. But there are other worthwhile reasons to ensure a tight and secure fit on your manhole cover. One such reason is public safety.


Whether it’s due to theft, extreme weather, storm system over-capacity or improper installation, misplaced manhole covers or, in this case, flying manhole covers are serious safety issues.


With that in mind, Hamilton Kent’s Lifespan System® has been designed with an all-or-nothing installation approach. Our manhole system—featuring a cast-iron or composite cover and an ultra high-performance rubber frame—uses the SHURE-LOK alignment system to ensure proper installation and locking of the cover to the frame.





This is accomplished using a tab on the manhole cover and a corresponding notch in the frame, so the cover can only be installed in the correct orientation.


The Lifespan System cover is then locked down to the frame using theft-resistant bolted lugs for added security.


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