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A bigger future for precast box sections?

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As inventors of Tylox® SuperSeal™ box culvert gaskets, we here at Hamilton Kent are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about all the different ways a precast box section can be used. But while its application in culverts, storm drains and sewers is well known, box section applications such as pedestrian tunnels, lift stations, wet wells and animal crossings are not.



This is set to change with the introduction of the new ASTM International standard C1675, Practice for Installation of Precast Reinforced Concrete Monolithic Box Sections for Culverts, Storm Drains, and Sewers, developed by Subcommittee C13.05 on Special Projects, part of ASTM International Committee C13 on Concrete Pipe.


This new standard will serve two important purposes: the first, to promote the correct installation of precast box sections and the second, to increase awareness of the product’s many applications.



As I noted in the Jan/Feb issue of ASTM Standardization News, a uniform and consistent installation method not only will allow people to better understand box sections and how to use them, but it also benefits those who already use them regularly.



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While precast box sections are recognized for their efficiency and ease of installation, Hamilton Kent makes that process even easier with our Tylox® SuperSealTM pre-lubricated gaskets used in conjunction with a single offset joint. Placed on the boxes by the manufacturer, these gaskets make the installation as easy as lowering the box section into position and then homing it. No more worries about gasket-installation errors or messy, time-consuming butyl or external wrap.



To see how easy a Tylox SuperSealTM gasket makes a box section installation, check out this video. To download other resources, please visit



Sell sheet: Tylox® SuperSealTM Pre-lubricated Profile Gaskets for Single Offset Joints on Concrete Box Culverts



ASTM C1675: Purchase here



Roman Selig is a National Accounts Manager - Concrete Products for Hamilton Kent. Not only does Roman serve on ASTM Committee C-13 for Concrete Pipe, but he is also the chairman of ASTM Subcommittee C13.05 and serves on ASTM Subcommittees C13.04, C13.07 and C13.09. Roman can be reached at if you have questions about the new standard or Hamilton Kent's Tylox® SuperSealTM Pre-lubricated Profile Gaskets for box culverts.