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Lifespan is Sustainable for Workers, Not Just Water.

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According to the Ontario-based 2012 Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Statistical Report, 86% of injury insurance claims were due to sprains and strains (50%), low back injury (18%) and overexertion (18%).


In the construction industry, these injuries — all of which are musculoskeletal injuries (MI) — amount to huge time loss, not to mention the cost of replacing the employee until he or she returns. Causes of MI are varied. Often, injury results from repeatedly performing a demanding or straining task, such as lifting, stretching, reaching or twisting.


As manufacturers of The Lifespan System®, our watertight rubber manhole frame with an optional composite cover, Hamilton Kent ensured all of the above was taken into account when the system was designed.


The average manhole frame weighs between 250lbs and 300lbs. That’s a lot of weight to manage by hand, and workers can easily injure their backs and fingers when lifting and installing cast-iron manhole frames and covers.


The Lifespan System frame and two adjustment risers are easy to handle, weighing only 96lbs total—roughly one third of traditional frames. In addition to being safer and more ergonomically friendly, the relatively lightweight system is quicker and easier to install.


The ease of handling of the Lifespan System is especially important when crews need to rehabilitate manhole frames in easements and environmentally sensitive areas. In areas where crews can’t or aren’t allowed to bring in heavy equipment, two crewmembers can easily carry in this 60lb composite cover and 55lb frame by hand in one trip (with another trip for their tools). No cranes or hoists needed, and no injuries to be had!


For maximum safety, Hamilton Kent still recommends that two crewmembers install the Lifespan frame together.