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HK is proud to announce partnerships with Ferguson and Metcon

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The Lifespan System® - availability and reach expands again. We are working with two new distributors to be able to bring your community the peace of mind that comes with eliminating inflow and infiltration issues in your water infrastructure.

We’d like take to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new partners. In the great State of Pennsylvania, we are working with Ferguson Waterworks. Ferguson is a diverse wholesale distributor with over 30 years of experience providing products for use in water infrastructure. They specialize in providing expertise and products to utility contractors, municipalities and sitework contractors. Their product offerings are expansive and they are able to deliver to your job site or warehouse, and they offer pick up from their service centers.

In Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan we are working with Metcon Sales & Engineering. They provide innovative environmental and manufacturing solutions for a wide range of industries as they have done for over 25 years. Metcon works with a diverse group of clients from the public and private sectors to help them provide safe drinking water and treated waste water. They offer turnkey solutions, maintenance and support.

We encourage you to contact us to recommend a distributor in your area and get started on your next Lifespan project.