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2015 HK Customer Survey Results

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In the Fall of 2015, Hamilton Kent once again surveyed its customers to learn what is most important to them as well as how they rank the service and products they are receiving from us.  We promised to share the results with our customers, so below is a compilation of the results from the categories rated as most important during the survey.

• Value received – 100% very satisfied or satisfied (same as 2014)


•  Sales and technical support – 100% very satisfied or satisfied (up slightly from 99% in 2014)


•  Quality of products – 100% very satisfied or satisfied (up from 98% in 2014)


• Product performance – 100% very satisfied or satisfied (slight increase from 98% in 2014)


• Response to complaints - 100% very satisfied or satisfied (improvement from 98% in 2014)


• Accuracy of orders - 95% very satisfied or satisfied (slight drop from 100% in 2014)


• Timeliness of deliveries - 92% very satisfied or satisfied (mild improvement from 91% in 2014)


We also gave customers a chance to leave general comments while taking the survey, and below are a few of them:


• “Over the years, we have been a proud partner of Hamilton Kent. We find your dedication to your customers unsurpassed.”


• “Very satisfied with your services”


• “There is great clarity in our communications with your team, subsequently all orders are correct and timely.”


Hamilton Kent certainly appreciates the feedback we receive from our customers as it brings to light what we are doing well and where we need to make improvements. We plan to survey our customers again in the Fall of 2017, and to publish the results soon thereafter.