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Hamilton Kent in the news… and not for what you might think.

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Whenever Hamilton Kent has the privilege of appearing in the news, it’s usually because one of our products was able to help improve a municipal project.

Recently, however, our company was featured in Tennessee’s Herald Chronicle for a much different reason.

The story was about our recycling program!

To summarize, Franklin County Solid Waste has been working to reduce waste volume and costs. One way to do that was to encourage businesses to improve their recycling efforts. 

As a business operating in Franklin County—in Winchester, TN, to be exact—Hamilton Kent jumped on board. 

In addition to looking for ways to reduce scrap and waste in general, we also made a bigger effort to recycle uncured rubber and stainless steel. We were already recycling, but we realized it wasn’t a plant-wide priority.

Our first step was to purchase more recycling bins and place them around the plant strategically. When logistics were a struggle, we worked with the Chamber of Commerce to coordinate recycling pick-up for all businesses in our industrial park. We also connected with Franklin County to recycle our cardboard. 

Finally, to get Hamilton Kent employees more involved, we ran a poster contest for their children. All the posters submitted were posted in the plant and the employees voted for a winner, and all entries received gift cards. 

The recycling program has been really successful—we have even found somewhere to take our cured scrap rubber. Also important is that our operations are now more in line with the sustainability values we promote in our watertight and durable infrastructure products.  

A special thanks goes to Esther Hamilton, our shipping, receiving and purchasing supervisor, and Olga Mokrous, our quality supervisor, for their efforts!