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Hamilton Kent helps in Swan Trunk sewer improvements for City of Buffalo, NY

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As part of an ambitious $2 million Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) to improve the quality of life for city of Buffalo residents, Hamilton Kent is proud to have contributed to the Swan Trunk flow diversion and weir modifications.

We worked alongside NPCA-certified manufacturing plant and longtime customer Kistner Concrete Products on the sewer system improvements, which were mandated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 

The task for Kistner Concrete Products was to create 12’ by 6', 25-ton precast concrete box culverts to increase the system capacity by 100,000-plus gallons. Typically, with no place to contain it, the storm water flows out into the waterways causing environmental and civil damage. These combined sewer overflow (CSO) structures capture that material and hold it until processed at the treatment plants.

“During storm season, the sewer sometimes overflows or gets surged,” says Michael Kistner of Kistner Concrete Products. “This particular portion was installed so the surge water could be directed and held for a period of time. When the surge ends, the restricting outlet in the tank allows the water to flow out slowly so the treatment plant is not overburdened.”

Hamilton Kent—“a pioneer in fabricating gaskets for culvert tanks,” according to Kistner—was tasked with making the specified single offset gaskets for the culvert tanks. Because of the rectangular shape of the tank, traditional gaskets wouldn’t work. So Kistner sent the specifications for a box culvert with a rounded corner, single offset joint to be used with the Tylox SuperSeal gasket to achieve a watertight joint between each box section. Kistner mentioned that the consulting engineer at the Buffalo Branch of GPI -Greenman Peterson Inc. was instrumental in recognizing the importance of specifying a quality construction joint in the system. 

“The Hamilton Kent SuperSeal gasket along with the single offset joint box sections were installed at a rate of 30 minutes per section on this project,” says Kistner. “The owner, engineer, and contractor were all extremely pleased with the smooth supply, installation and final performance of the precast culvert elements.”