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HK highlights: Our top 5 infrastructure lessons of 2018

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In 2018, underground infrastructure stories permeated the media like never before. From the shifting political landscape, questions about the state of funding and extreme weather events to the inevitable cases of flooding, sinkholes and system failures throughout North America, let’s just say there’s been a lot of ground to cover.

It’s not all bad, though. Solutions abound, and the heightened discussion around infrastructure only makes it easier for key industry voices to be heard. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Hamilton Kent’s top five infrastructure takeaways from blogs we published this year.

1) Watertightness is a key solution to the CSO phenomenon

This past spring and summer saw an influx of reports on combined sewer overflows (CSOs) throughout North America, especially in light of heavy rain, flooding, hurricanes and other extreme weather events. One of our summer blog posts explores the growing CSO trend and proposes a watertight solution.

2) Simplified installation makes a big difference

One of HK’s notable projects of 2018 was our contribution to the Globeville Landing Outfall Project, which aimed to redirect stormwater in a flood-prone city. Our pre-lubricated Tylox® SuperSeal™ gaskets, pre-installed on 12x15 box culverts, cut down on extra work and time with their self-centering design.

3) We urgently need more infrastructure spend

If that statement makes you think, “What else is new?” You’re not alone. North American roads are cracking and degrading, our sewer systems are overflowing, and sometimes even our bridges fail. Our blog discusses reports calling for new infrastructure improvements and underlines the need for more infrastructure dollars from agencies, private companies and partnerships of all types.

4) New funding structures could help close the funding gap

As the media sheds new light on infrastructure issues, industry leaders and politicians are feeling the pressure to bring forward new solutions. In our State of the Industry interview with Bernard Grégoire, the Hamilton Kent president proposes alternative funding structures and other insights to help the underground infrastructure industry make strides.

5) Municipalities need storm water studies

We like to encourage a proactive approach to infrastructure issues, in the sense that municipalities should restore and rehabilitate their systems long before they see a need for emergency repairs. For Randy Reimer, Director of Sales at HK, it’s equally important to back those efforts with research. To learn more and start thinking ahead for spring, check out our storm drainage Q&A with Randy.