Concrete Pipe Gaskets

Hamilton Kent produces a broad range of gaskets to seal the joints of virtually any pipe configuration, joint design or size. Whether confined o-ring groove, single offset or tongue and groove, or round, elliptical or arch pipe, we have your needs covered.

Available Products
Tylox® SuperSeal Gaskets

Pre-lubricated Gaskets for Concrete Pipe and Manholes.

Tylox® SOCL Gaskets

Profile Gaskets for Round, Arch or Elliptical Pipe, and Manholes.

Tylox® SOC Gasket

Backed by over 50 years of experience, the Tylox® SOC profile gasket provides water-tight sealing of single-offset jointed, concrete pipe, manhole or box culvert.

Tylox® SORT Gasket

Profile gaskets for O-Ring Joints on Concrete Pipe and Manholes

Enhanced Performance.

Tylox® O-Ring Gasket

O-Ring Gaskets for Round or Elliptical Pipe.

Tylox® Type “C” Fin Gasket

Profile Gaskets for Tongue and Groove Pipe

The Tylox® Type “C” profile gasket allows for watertight joints, in accordance with ASTM C443 requirements, on 5 degree slope, tongue and groove pipe.

Tylox® “CF” Series Pipe Gasket

Standard and Oil-Resistant versions available

Contoured-fin, Profile Gaskets for Single-Offset Concrete Pipe


Tylox® CF Gaskets are designed for higher pressure sealing applications for concrete sewer pipe.

Tylox® Gasket Lubricant

Maximum Coverage with Minimum Brushwork… that’s what you get when you work with Tylox® Gasket Lubricant.

Kent Seal™

Premium Grade Butyl Rubber Sealant Installs Fast.

Installing A Lifespan® System

You and your team have done manhole installations in the past. But they have been tough and tedious. How is a Lifespan® installation different? Watch and see!