Cored/Formed Hole Connectors

For small diameter pipe connections to a manhole, a mechanically-installed boot connector is a simple and cost-effective choice. These boots can be fitted into a hole formed during the casting process or into a hole created using a coring machine and bit. Hamilton Kent offers several different types of connectors to make each pipe-to-manhole intersection an excellent connection.

Available Products
Tylox® MIB Series Connectors

Mechanically installed “boot” connectors for concrete structures Boot-Style connectors.

Tylox® HKT Series Connector

Tylox Interference-fit Connectors for concrete pipe and structures.

Tylox® 3SPW Connector

Push-fit connectors for concrete structures - Designed to provide a watertight seal between a concrete structure and a connecting pipe, the Tylox® 3SPW connectors offer an economical, simple alternate to the traditional “boot” style connector.

Installing A Lifespan® System

You and your team have done manhole installations in the past. But they have been tough and tedious. How is a Lifespan® installation different? Watch and see!