Best Practices

If you want to understand how to use Hamilton Kent products properly and effectively, refer to the best practices and installations guides in this section.

Available Resources
Tylox® WT+ Series Installation Instructions

Instructions for properly preparing the pipe and the WT+ Connector before the pipe is inserted through the connector into the concrete structure.

Lifespan® Installation Guide

These instructions will guide you through the process of installing a Lifespan® System unit, using either anchor bolts or an adhesive.

Lifespan® Ordering Guidelines

For Lifespan® to perform properly, some care is required to make sure the right size is ordered to fit your existing structure.

Kent Seal™ Butyl Sealant Installation Instructions

Instructions on proper application of the Kent Seal butyl sealant for watertight sealing of precast concrete joints.

Tylox® MIB Series Installation Instructions

Proper installation instructions for the Tylox® Mechanically Installed Boot Connectors: Cobra Style, Adjustable Style and Toggle Style.

Tylox SOCL Gasket Installation Instructions

These instructions will guide you through the proper installation of the SOCL gasket on pipe and manholes.

Lifespan® Visual Install Instructions

Condensed installation instructions for use at the jobsite for properly installing a Lifespan® System unit.

Lifespan® Maintenance Guide

Detailed instructions on how to best maintain the performance and effectiveness of the Lifespan® System manhole frame, cover and other components.

Lifespan® Inroad Install Classification Table

Table classifying what inroad applications are appropriate for installation of the Lifespan® System.

What To Expect From Your Supplier

Watch this short webinar to find out how you can get the most from your relationship with your watertight infrastructure supplier.