Best Practices

If you want to understand how to use Hamilton Kent products properly and effectively, refer to the best practices and installations guides in this section.

Available Resources
Tylox® WT+ Series Installation Instructions

Instructions for properly preparing the pipe and the WT+ Connector before the pipe is inserted through the connector into the concrete structure.

Lifespan® Installation Guide

These instructions will guide you through the process of installing a Lifespan® System unit, using either anchor bolts or an adhesive.

Lifespan® Ordering Guidelines

For Lifespan® to perform properly, some care is required to make sure the right size is ordered to fit your existing structure.

Kent Seal™ Butyl Sealant Installation Instructions

Instructions on proper application of the Kent Seal butyl sealant for watertight sealing of precast concrete joints.

Tylox® MIB Series Installation Instructions

Proper installation instructions for the Tylox® Mechanically Installed Boot Connectors: Cobra Style, Adjustable Style and Toggle Style.

Tylox SOCL Gasket Installation Instructions

These instructions will guide you through the proper installation of the SOCL gasket on pipe and manholes.

Lifespan® Visual Install Instructions

Condensed installation instructions for use at the jobsite for properly installing a Lifespan® System unit.

Lifespan® Maintenance Guide

Detailed instructions on how to best maintain the performance and effectiveness of the Lifespan® System manhole frame, cover and other components.

Lifespan® Inroad Install Classification Table

Table classifying what inroad applications are appropriate for installation of the Lifespan® System.

Solve Infiltration Problems Caused By Traditional Manhole...

Find out how to eliminate inflow and infiltration through manhole covers and frames, how to increase connection capacity and save money by not conveying and treating unnecessary water.