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Made from Hamilton Kent non-conductive rubber compounds, the HK Rubber Railway Product line includes rail boots, concrete tie pads, and rail flangeway fillers. HK Railway Products are custom-made for the specific application, meet or exceed specifications and are extruded from high-quality rubber compounds. 

Rail Boots

A hard rubber cover that fits around the sides and underside of the steel rail, HK’s Rail Boots are shaped to install easily and create a tight fit with the rail. Rail boots absorb shocks, reduce noise and capture stray electricity from the friction of the train traveling down the rail line.

Crossing Tie Pads

Rubber rail tie pads are inserted in between the steel rails and tie sleepers to reduce fatigue cracking on concrete railroad ties. The rubber pad sits under the crossing tie (usually made of concrete) and is then completely buried with the crossing tie. Crossing Tie Pads also provide freeze-thaw protection between the panels.

Flangeway Filler

The Flangeway Filler is a rubber-extruded product that is used to “fill in” the gap between the rail and the surrounding pavement or concrete field or gauge panels. In addition to making it safer for automobile and pedestrian traffic to cross over the rails by reducing the gap, it also helps isolate the vibrations from the rail to the pavement, which prolongs the life of the surrounding ground surfaces.

Benefits of HK Railway Products

  • Custom-made specifically for each railway project
  • Meet or exceeds common railroad standards and specifications
  • Made from high-quality HK rubber compounds
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