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O-ring gasketed pipe being lowered into the trench

Sanitary & Wastewater Treatment

Municipalities across North America are replacing aging combined sewers with massive new systems that separate wastewater and stormwater, dramatically reducing wastewater treatment load and protecting the environment. These systems must be watertight to meet modern environmental specs and standards. And that’s where we enter the picture with our sanitary water treatment pipe sealing solutions.

Gaskets and Connectors

Hamilton Kent’s watertight gaskets and connectors are designed to meet the highest environmental specifications. Our durable, flexible rubber connectors are a big leap forward from the mortar-based connections that add to construction time in the field and are prone to cracking and leaking.

Product Benefits

  • Available in standard and oil-resistant versions
  • Meet all industry material and testing requirements
  • Gaskets provide assurance of watertightness of at least 13 PSI (90 kPa)
  • Gaskets are available for round and non-round pipe, as well as manholes and box culverts
  • A broad variety of connector styles are available for virtually any need
  • Connectors save time and money at the jobsite
  • Connectors give flexibility to accommodate differential loading and settlement

Straub Couplings

A wide selection of both restraint couplings and flexible couplings can be used for potable water connections, all types of repairs, and small to large pipes both above-ground and underground. Site-servicing pipelines feed water from the municipal services line into facilities such as commercial developments, warehouses, factories or institutions. Pipelines are constructed from a variety of materials, and Straub couplings make a perfect connection, specially designed for the specific pipeline material. Tough, resilient and long-lasting, Straub couplings make critical connections in chambers, which are often located at the lot line of commercial and industrial building and at the perimeter of public facilities.

Product Benefits

  • Couplings come with EPDM NSF gaskets for use in both potable and non-potable water applications
  • Wide range of repair couplings available for all types of pipeline repairs
  • Flex and Grip couplings available for all municipal applications, above-ground and underground
  • Valve chamber couplings are rated for both inside and outside service
  • Couplings for ductile iron; PVC; HDPE smooth wall (with stiffening rings); Fiberglass; high pressure concrete pipe
  • Site-servicing:
    • Approved for coupling all types of underground piping
    • Couplings for ductile Iron, PVC; HDPE smooth wall (with stiffening rings); Fiberglass; stainless steel
  • Chamber work:
    • Couplings available for valve chambers in the roadway and bypass chambers
    • Couplings for ductile iron; PVC; Fiberglass; stainless steel; high-pressure concrete pipe

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Our Experts Help Find Custom Solutions for Each Project

Nothing Small About this Microtunnel

Metro Vancouver, in the final phase of a huge sewer system expansion, selected microtunneling for one section of the South Surrey Interceptor project to mitigate disruption of vehicular traffic. The contractor relied on Langley Concrete for the pipe, who in turn leaned on HK for development of the gaskets critical to sealing the joints.

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A Nod to the Past With an Eye on the Future

When the City of Dayton needed a second sewer line along the Little Miami River, they shifted from the cast-in-place concrete used in the past to precast concrete box culverts. The engineers required watertightness, so they and the culvert producer relied on HK Tylox SuperSeal gaskets.

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Gasketed Arch Pipe: The Ideal Solution for SD 115

With Sioux Falls and Harrisburg growing toward each other, the highway needed an upgrade. Plans called for a quad run of storm sewer pipe, and the South Dakota DOT was serious about protecting the environment and nearby underground utilities with a watertight solution. Cemcast Pipe and Precast and Hamilton Kent delivered the solution, with an innovative gasketed arch pipe design that sealed tight and also saved the contractor time and labor in the field.

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A Modern Infrastructure for an Iconic Plaza

When the city of Montreal decided to modernize the old shopping district on St-Hubert Street to make it more appealing to pedestrians and shoppers, Hamilton Kent played a key role by supplying a variety of sealing products for the sanitary sewer upgrades. Once completed, the Plaza St-Hubert overhaul will have a modern feel, and the sewers flowing underneath will be adequately prepared for the next 100 plus years.

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