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Hamilton Kent has emerged as the leading North American gasket manufacturer in the microtunneling and jacking industry. We have partnered with producers and contractors on many high-profile projects that require gaskets that are foolproof. Joint failures are costly and are not an option for these projects. Our experienced design team will ensure our gaskets meet or exceed your project requirements and that failures are an afterthought. We can also provide input and gasketed solutions for precast concrete tunnels.

Microtunneling and Jacking

Microtunneling and Jacking pipes need greater strength, joints that allow the pipe string to curve, and gaskets that prevent the ingress of water, soil and bentonite. To maximize the longevity of your next microtunneling pipe installation, it’s important to use watertight products that will stand the test of time. Without watertight joints, water infiltrates the pipeline and carries particles of soil with it. This will inevitably lead to a loss of soil fines around the pipeline, weakening the soil envelope, which can eventually cause a total collapse.

Hamilton Kent has so far offered gasket sizes up to 144” (366 cm) pipe for these applications and our gaskets have been tested up to 150 psi (1034 kPa) with no leakage. We provide a diverse range of gasket materials to meet your project specification requirements. For any microtunneling and jacking need, look no further than Hamilton Kent’s industry leading product offering.

Precast Concrete Tunnels

Precast concrete tunnels come in many configurations and serve many purposes, but they all have one thing in common: they maintain watertightness. Whether keeping moisture out, or keeping stormwater and sewage in, our watertight gaskets seal connection points to preserve the tunnel’s integrity, protect the environment, and safeguard people, equipment and vehicles passing through.


  • Prevent costly failures on your highest-profile projects
  • Watertight and sustainable solutions
  • North American supplier which means reduced lead times and cost
  • Dedicated design team familiar with your project and design considerations
  • Broad range of products offered

Our Experts Help Find Custom Solutions for Each Project

Nothing Small About this Microtunnel

Metro Vancouver, in the final phase of a huge sewer system expansion, selected microtunneling for one section of the South Surrey Interceptor project to mitigate disruption of vehicular traffic. The contractor relied on Langley Concrete for the pipe, who in turn leaned on HK for development of the gaskets critical to sealing the joints.

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The First Line of Defense

When the Maine Tollway Authority was ready to upgrade the Interstate 95/295 plaza near Portland, the safety of its workers was a big concern. They tasked a local precast to create box culverts for construction of a watertight tunnel, who then turned to HK for expertise and supply of the gaskets.

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