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Proven Leak-free Water Solutions

Hamilton Kent creates robust infrastructure solutions to ensure the integrity of your project.

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Drainage Pipe Gaskets (HDPE and PP)

While the basic design and appearance of HDPE and PP pipe may look the same from one manufacturer to another, the gaskets needed to seal their joints can vary. There are saddle gaskets that fit over the large corrugation rib. There are rib gaskets that straddle a narrower rib to provide a seal. And there are gaskets that fit inside of the smaller channel on top of the corrugation. Regardless of the joint design, gasket location or gasket style, our HK design experts have the solutions that meet your design requirements and yield high-quality results.

Connective & Sealing Products that Guarantee Confidence

Partner with our experts to generate custom solutions to support your below and above ground infrastructure.

Designed to keep sanitary sewer systems watertight to meet modern environmental specs and standards.

Watertight gaskets to fit every component of storm drainage systems, from pipes to box culvert tunnel structures.

Reliable, watertight gaskets for all types of pressure pipe to ensure our water’s kept clean and healthy for decades to come.

Premium gaskets for everything from the basic box culvert tunnel to large diameter pipe used for jacking or microtunneling.

Our Experts Help Find Custom Solutions for Each Project

An Expansion Joint Seal for an Iconic New Bridge

A vital link between Montreal and its suburbs, the new Samuel De Champlain Bridge was vital for maintaining Canada’s heaviest traffic flow. When it came to construction, the contractor who provided the expansion joints turned to HK for the rubber seals to maintain the watertightness of the bridge.

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Nothing Small About this Microtunnel

Metro Vancouver, in the final phase of a huge sewer system expansion, selected microtunneling for one section of the South Surrey Interceptor project to mitigate disruption of vehicular traffic. The contractor relied on Langley Concrete for the pipe, who in turn leaned on HK for development of the gaskets critical to sealing the joints.

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The First Line of Defense

When the Maine Tollway Authority was ready to upgrade the Interstate 95/295 plaza near Portland, the safety of its workers was a big concern. They tasked a local precast to create box culverts for construction of a watertight tunnel, who then turned to HK for expertise and supply of the gaskets.

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