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Organizational Announcement: Hamilton Kent Appoints Marcus Barnett as US Sales Manager

By Randy Reimer
Hamilton Kent, Director of Sales & Marketing

Hamilton Kent is thrilled to announce the appointment of Marcus Barnett to US Sales Manager, effective January 2, 2024.

Marcus Barnett, a familiar face in the Hamilton Kent family, brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Since early 2018, he has served as the Territory Manager for the US East, a role in which he has excelled and brought immense value. Prior to joining us, Marcus spent nearly two decades at Forterra Building Products and Sherman Dixie Concrete Industries, honing his skills and gaining invaluable experience in the Concrete Pipe and Precast industry.

His deep industry knowledge and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction set Marcus apart. Marcus is a true customer champion, possessing a unique ability to understand their needs and drive improvements in quality and business growth. His customer-centric approach has made him an invaluable asset to Hamilton Kent.

Beyond his role as a sales leader, Marcus is a passionate educator. He has conducted numerous customer training sessions, imparting knowledge about Hamilton Kent’s products and fostering innovation. Marcus’s skill in simplifying complex concepts has been instrumental in building strong and lasting relationships with customers.

As Marcus enters his new role, I am confident he will lead our US team to new heights. His leadership, coupled with his industry expertise, will undoubtedly drive our team forward.

Please join me in welcoming Marcus to his new role. We are excited to see all the great things he will accomplish. 

Marcus Barnett, US Sales Manager of Hamilton Kent
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