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HK Test Coupling by Straub

The HK Test Coupling by Straub is an external joint testing tool that can maintain up to 50 psi/345 kPa of external joint pressure. This useful tool enables plants to test the watertightness of joints before they are shipped to an installation. The HK Test Coupling by Straub tests for infiltration, which is a more important test methodology than the traditional exfiltration testing common in the past. This coupling provides a simplified test method to ensure that joints and gaskets will provide the watertight seal required by the job.

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Product Benefits

  • Fast and simple to install
  • Simulates actual jobsite conditions
  • Non-destructive
  • No secondary gasket required
  • Reusable
  • Testing time drastically reduced
  • Minimal water needed to conduct test

With more than 50 years of continuous development and improvement, Straub couplings are comprised of premium materials and designed for easy installation, trouble-free service and a long lifespan. The HK Test Coupling by Straub presents a faster, economical and more accurate way to test watertightness in the plant without damaging pipes.

Pressure Rating

HK Test couplings are designed to test manhole or pipe joints up to 50 psi/345 kPa. Note: Pressures above 30 psi/207 kPa are not recommended for manhole joint testing without approval from a licensed engineer.

Linear Misalignment

Outer diameter misalignment of 1-2% (max 0.25”/6 mm) is admissible. Larger misalignment must be rectified into angular deflection (Cardan principle). Note: If pressures higher than 50 psi are required, please contact your HK representative.

Versions W1, W2 and W5 vary by material and size requirements. Please contact your HK representative for assistance with product selection.

Please contact your HK representative for assistance with product selection.