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Plastic Drainage Pipe Gaskets

Drawing on decades of experience, Hamilton Kent develops gaskets for the plastic pipe industry that optimize the performance of the pipe joint while minimizing the amount of rubber required. We can produce premium gasket configurations for virtually any sewer or water pipe joint, including special requirements such as UV or chemical resistance.

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Product Benefits

  • Excellent sealing capability
  • Variety of rubber compounds including for UV and chemical resistance
  • Single and dual durometer gaskets
  • Broad selection of gasket configurations

Hamilton Kent has been designing and producing gaskets for HDPE for decades – and more recently polypropylene pipe (PP) – to ensure watertight or silt-tight pipe for use across drainage applications.

While the basic design and appearance of HDPE and PP pipe are often similar from one manufacturer to another, the type of gasket required to create a watertight seal for their joints can be vastly different. Regardless of your joint design, gasket location or gasket style, the design experts at Hamilton Kent can offer solutions that meet your design requirements and yield high-quality results.

Hamilton Kent designs gaskets specifically for the various joints available.

Materials and Identification

Plastic pipe gaskets are manufactured from a variety of synthetic rubber compounds. HDPE/PP gaskets are designed to meet the material requirements of ASTM F477L; ASTM D3212; EN681.1.

The applicable specification(s) and intended use for a project are identified by a colored stripe around the periphery of the gasket:

  • EPDM – Stripe color by manufacturer’s request (typically White/Green)
  • Oil-Resistant – Orange Stripe*

* Note that the additional physical properties required to achieve oil resistance have a significant impact on availability, handling and cost. Please refer to the Oil Resistant Gaskets Tech Notes in the Resources section of this website.

The above listing covers the standard North American specifications. Gasket materials are available to meet many other specifications.

Pressure Rating

HDPE/PP gaskets are suitable for use in systems with up to 10.8 psig (25 ft Head or 75kPa) pressure requirements.

Higher head pressures have been obtained with certain joint designs. Please consult your local Hamilton Kent Representative for gasket selection to meet your specific requirements.