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The Lifespan® System 

Our rubber manhole covers are watertight, lightweight, and corrosion-proof. The Lifespan® System is a locking rubber frame and cover that prevents rain from entering sanitary sewers through the top of the manhole. The only integrated system on the market, Lifespan® eliminates unwanted flows at the cover and chimney area. The watertight seal maintains the structural integrity of the underlying concrete manhole and delivers a longer service life.

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Product Benefits

  • Increases life expectancy of collection system 
  • Reduces inflow and surcharge 
  • Reduces wastewater treatment costs 
  • Reduces maintenance costs 
  • Reduces energy costs and carbon footprint 
  • Reduces capital expenditures 

The Lifespan® System Frame components are made of the same high-performance rubber that has been used to seal sewer pipes and manholes for more than 70 years. Designed for areas experiencing the highest degrees of inflow and infiltration, you have a watertight, corrosion-proof, and highly durable frame which is applied at the top of the collection system that has the added benefits of being extremely lightweight when compared to traditional cast-iron frame and cover systems.

Suitable for use in either new or rehabilitation installations, The Lifespan® System is designed to retain the hydraulic, watertight and structural integrity of the underlying concrete structure and delivers a much longer service life than traditional cast-iron frame and cover systems. This means, when considering elimination of maintenance needs and reduced sewer treatment costs, the life cycle cost of Lifespan® will be lower than other systems.

Protect the integrity of your sanitary sewer. Lock it down with Lifespan®.

Illustration showing the components of the Lifespan System

Lifespan System frame being placed on the manhole cone with sealant and locking bolts.


The Lifespan® System meets AASHTO H-25/HS-25 load requirements with cast iron, and H-20/HS-20 load requirements. The system also meets the requirements of HKS587, as listed here.

HKS587 Testing Standards

Please contact your HK representative for assistance with product selection.


Please contact your local Hamilton Kent representative for assistance with product selection.