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Tylox® Block Seal

The Tylox® Block Seal (TBS) gasket is the ideal choice for your project. It is specially designed to protect your joint from water infiltration while also supporting and securing the position of the primary gasket that is installed on the spigot from bentonite and the external pressure applied by water. It also protects the steel collar against aggressive substances within the pipe that could impact joint performance.

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Product Benefits

  • Prevent costly failures on your highest-profile projects
  • Watertight and sustainable solution
  • North American supplier means reduced lead times
  • Dedicated design team familiar with your project and design considerations
  • Specification compliance

The TBS gasket provides dependable protection and support in your microtunneling designs on straight pipe systems.  TBS profiles are often installed in combination with wood packing inserts – it is important to ensure that pipe jacking forces are taken into consideration for your joint designs to ensure suitable performance.

Traditionally, block seals have been made of closed cell material. Closed cell material is soft and spongy and allows the gasket to act as a cushioning force when the pipes are homed together. With this design and utility in mind, Hamilton Kent has designed our own variation that works much the same way.  It is made of EPDM rubber material with voids in the middle to mimic the cushion that closed cell material offers.


The TBS Profile is made of EPDM material to provide the greatest flexibility in your designs.  EPDM is a trusted compound that provides a watertight seal with excellent ozone and UV ray exposure resistance. The material has a low compression set, so it won’t lose much resilience over prolonged pressure.

Closed cell options are under development.


Specification Compliance

TBS gaskets are designed to adhere to the specification requirements of your project.

Please contact your local Hamilton Kent sales representative to discuss your joint design considerations and requirements.

Sizes Available

30mm/30mm; 25mm/45mm

If you require a size that is not listed here, we may be able to accommodate your request.  Please contact your local Hamilton Kent Sales Representative for more information.