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Tylox® Cast-In, Boot-Style Connector

Our flexible boot-style connector is the perfect sealing solution for making pipe-to-manhole connections with sanitary sewers. Tylox® Dual Seal II and Tylox® CIB Cast-In Boot Connectors ensure a watertight seal with the concrete structure and around the connecting pipe. The unique funnel-shaped sleeve made from our custom rubber compound resists tearing and offers superior flexibility under pipe deflection.

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Product Benefits

  • Meet ASTM C923 and BNQ 2622-420 specifications 
  • Suitable for both PVC and ductile iron connecting pipes 
  • Easy-to-use mandrels with magnets for casting process 
  • Standard and oil-resistant versions available 
  • For the Dual Seal, no steel clamps are required for pipe connection 

The Dual Seal II’s unique double-ring water-stop, coupled with a longer cast-in flange, makes a secure connection between the concrete and rubber surfaces for a watertight seal with no tools needed at the jobsite. The connector comes with a two-piece mandrel that makes pre-pour set up by the precaster a snap.

The CIB’s double-ring water-stop and a longer flange create a strong, permanent seal with the concrete. A simple, adjustable clamp secures the watertight connection around the connecting pipe. A single design for the cast-in flange means that the same mandrel can be used to install all sizes of the Tylox® CIB Connector. This saves precast plants money and storage space with the reduced inventory requirement.

The CIB and Dual Seal connectors are perfect for simple, worry-free connections with all types of PVC and ductile iron pipes in a sanitary sewer system.

Tylox CIB boot connector in a mandrel, ready for installation in a manhole form

Tylox CIB boot connector mandrel installed on the core of manhole form

Tylox Dual Seal II connector in a mandrel, ready for installation in a manhole form

Tylox Dual Seal II in manhole with half of the mandrel stripped

Tylox® cast-in connectors are manufactured from synthetic rubber compounds to meet the material and testing requirements of ASTM C923 and BNQ 2622-420 specifications. These connectors are also available in an oil-resistant rubber, identified by an orange dot on the rubber molding. Other materials to meet different specifications or project requirements may be available.

Pressure Rating

Dual Seal II and CIB Connectors have both been tested to 13 psig (90 kPa) watertight sealing in straight alignment and 10 psig (69 kPa) watertight sealing at 7° axial deflection.

The Dual Seal II is ideal for 4” (102 mm) to 12” (305 mm) PVC and ductile iron connecting pipes.

The CIB connector is available in models to fit 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” PVC pipe, all using the same mandrel for casting into the precast concrete structure.

Please contact your HK representative for assistance with product selection.

Available Models