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Tylox® ConFlat Gasket

For single-offset concrete pipes requiring a high-pressure seal, Tylox® ConFlat (CF) gaskets confidently handle the job. The unique contoured-fin and pressure pocket design allow for watertight sealing of up to 42 ft of head pressure (18 psig/124 kPa).

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Product Benefits

  • Ideal for high external water pressure applications 
  • Meets ASTM C361, C443, California Greenbook and CSA A-257 material specifications 
  • Up to a 1/2” (13 mm) of joint deflection without leaks
  • Greater bell and spigot tolerance variation than O-ring-style gaskets
  • Smooth high-strength splicing
  • Suitable for pipe sizes up to 120” (3048 mm) 

The gasket’s ingenious pressure pocket design functions as a self-energizing pocket, enabling the gasket to provide greater sealing pressure as infiltration pressure increases. The unique cross-section virtually eliminates rollback, while the contoured fin acts to self-center the spigot as it enters the bell, ensuring a more even alignment and enabling the pipe to home smoothly and easily.

Who knew so much form and function could be engineered into a gasket? We did! It’s the CF Series Pipe Gasket, exclusively from Hamilton Kent. Page Break

Tylox® CF gaskets are manufactured from a variety of synthetic rubber compounds to meet the material requirements of ASTM C361, ASTM C443, ASTM C1619, California Greenbook, and CSA A257.

The applicable specification and project application for gaskets are identified by a colored stripe around the periphery of the gasket:


  • C1619 Class C, C443, A257 – White stripe
  • C1619 Class A, C361, A257 – Blue stripe
  • California Greenbook – Green stripe


  • C1619 Class D, A257 – Orange stripe
  • California Greenbook – Yellow stripe

Pressure Rating

Tylox® CF profile gaskets are suitable for use in all systems with up to 18 psig (42 ft Head or 124 kPa) pressure requirements. Pressures up to 22 psig (50 ft Head or 150 kPa) have been obtained with certain joint designs.

Tylox® CF gaskets are produced in several different profiles to properly seal a variety of joint designs common in the concrete pipe and manhole industries.

Available Models

ModelGasket dimensions (in/mm)For Annular Space (in/mm)
This chart is for guideline purposes only. Please consult your HK Representative for sizing to suit your specific joint dimensions.

If your company has existing equipment for manufacturing a gasketed joint, please provide a joint drawing to your HK representative so the right gasket can be selected and priced for you. If you’re considering the purchase of single offset equipment, please consult with HK so we can provide a recommended joint design for the best performance and lowest gasket price.