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Tylox® FT Cast-in Connector

Replace inefficient mortaring in the field with the Tylox® FT, a cast-in, push-fit rubber connector that saves the contractor time and money. This polymer connector is flexible enough to accommodate settlement around the structure and comes with an internal channel for minor field adjustments when needed.

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Product Benefits

  • Saves construction time and money due to a simple push-fit connection. No special tools or equipment needed. Ready for immediate backfilling. 
  • Meets ASTM C923 and BNQ 2622-420 specifications 
  • Suitable for 6” (152 mm) through 36” (914 mm) PVC pipe 
  • Standard and oil-resistant versions are available 

With the connection already in the precast concrete structure, contractors save installation time and stress onsite. No special tools or equipment are needed. No waiting for mortar to cure before backfilling. Just connect and proceed.

If for some reason the connector is not sealing properly once the PVC pipe has been installed, a hand-pump with a needle nozzle can be used to inject a foam-type tire sealant into the adjustment channel, thereby pressurizing the seal around the periphery of the pipe.

Tylox® FT connectors are manufactured from synthetic rubber compounds to meet the material and testing requirements of ASTM C923 and BNQ 2622-420 specifications. These connectors are also available in an oil-resistant rubber, identified by an orange dot on the rubber molding. Other materials that meet different specifications or project requirements may be available.

Pressure Rating

FT Connectors have been tested to 13 psig (90 kPa) watertight sealing in straight alignment and 10 psig (69 kPa) watertight sealing at 7° axial deflection.


The mandrels required for casting the FT Connectors into concrete structures are available from Hamilton Kent.

The Tylox® FT fits PVC pipes from 6” (152 mm) to 36” (914 mm), creating soil-tight and watertight joints for sanitary sewers that are long-lasting and protect the environment.

A broad range of FT models ensures a fit for all PVC types and sizes. A selection chart can be found in the product literature, but you can also consult with your HK representative regarding your specific requirements, selection and pricing of the proper connector.