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Tylox® HKT Connector

Say goodbye to messy, time-consuming mortared joints with Tylox® HKT connectors. Flexible enough to meet the most rigid standards, these premier, compression-fit connectors make a permanent, watertight connection between a PVC pipe and a precast concrete structure or a concrete pipe.   

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Product Benefits

  • Simple push-fit connection 
  • No special tools or equipment required 
  • Immediate backfill 
  • HKT-PMH for connections into concrete structures 
  • HKT-PP for connections into concrete pipes features a built-in stop to prohibit the intrusion of the lateral pipe into the ID of the main pipe run 

Designed to replace mortared joints between connecting pipes and a concrete pipe or structure, Tylox® HKT connectors save you construction time and money. Eliminating mortaring saves time in the field, reduces costly joint maintenance and cleanouts, and protects the environment. Unlike rigid, mortared joints, HKT connectors are flexible. Our superior rubber compound makes a flexible rubber connection that minimizes joint leakage when settlement occurs.

Available in two models, the HKT series is today’s answer for watertight, efficient and environmentally conscious stormwater conveyance applications.

Engineered to accommodate differential settlement, the flexible, rubber construction of Tylox® HKT connectors allow for watertight connections of at least 5 psig in straight alignment.

Tylox® HKT connectors are manufactured from synthetic rubber compounds to meet the material requirements of ASTM C923. They are available for standard or oil-resistant applications. Oil-resistant connectors will have an orange dot on the rubber molding.

Other materials and specifications may be available as a custom order.

The HKT is available in sizes for 4” (100 mm) to 15” (375 mm) PVC connecting pipes.

Available Models

PVC Pipe SizeCored Hole Diameter RangeMain Pipe Diameter Range
Model (in)mmInchesmmInchescm
4*1004.960-5.010126.0-127.312 to 3030.5-76.2
6*1506.995-7.055177.7-179.212 to 3030.5-76.2
8 PP2008.955-9.045227.5-229.712 to 3030.5-76.2
8 PMH2009.955-10.045252.9-255.1******
10 PP25010.955-11.045278.3-280.515 to 3038.1-76.2
10 PMH25012.040-12.130305.8-308.1******
12 PP30013.480-13.570342.4-344.718 to 3645.7-91.4
12 PMH30014.025-14.115356.2-358.5******
15 PMH**37517.975- 18.070456.6-459.0******
*4” (100mm) and 6” (150mm) are available in both PP and PMH models.
**HKT not available in 15” (375mm) pipe-to-pipe (PP) model
***For PMH models, as long as the sealing fins line up within the walls of the manhole, they will work with any size of manhole structure.

Please consult your Hamilton Kent representative regarding your specific requirements.