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Tylox® IJS Gasket

On long drives of microtunnel pipe, the thrust force can be too great for the tunnel boring machine to push pipe segments on its own. In these instances, Intermediate Jacking Stations are installed along the pipeline to multiple the strength of the main jacking station jacks and to mitigate the risks associated with breaking or damaging areas of the precast concrete sections. Hamilton Kent has partnered with microtunneling contractors and precasters to design an Intermediate Jacking Station (ISJ) gasket to be used on the trailing pipe sections for these applications – and thus the IJS gasket was born.

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Product Benefits

  • Prevent costly failures on your highest-profile projects
  • Watertight and sustainable solution
  • North American supplier means reduced lead times
  • Dedicated design team familiar with your project and design considerations
  • Specification compliance

Intermediate jacking stations are typically installed on long microtunneling drives as a means of applying thrust in addition to the jacks at the entry pit. Commonly referred to as Interjacks, they are placed periodically along the pipe string between pipe segments and this additional thrust capability serves as an insurance policy in case an extra push on the pipe string is needed. The IJS gasket will help to minimize the stresses on the pipe that is being jacked through the soil.


The IJS Profile is made of EPDM material to provide the greatest flexibility in your designs.  EPDM is a trusted compound that provides a watertight seal with excellent ozone and UV ray exposure resistance. The material has a low compression set, so it won’t lose much resilience over prolonged pressure.

Specification Compliance

IJS gaskets are designed to adhere to the specification requirements of your project.

Please contact your local Hamilton Kent sales representative to discuss your project considerations and requirements.

Sizes Available

The IJS Gasket standard size is 40mm x 65mm. We can offer many size options to fit your project requirements.  Please contact your local Hamilton Kent Sales Representative for more information.