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Tylox® MIB Boot Connectors

Designed to provide a watertight seal between a cored or formed hole in a concrete structure and a connecting pipe, all Tylox® flexible rubber, mechanically installed, boot-style (MIB) connectors will give precasters, contractors, and owners peace of mind knowing they have a durable, permanent seal for their conveyance system.

Our Tylox® boot-style (MIB) connector is compliant with the Build America, Buy America Act (BABA).

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Product Benefits

  • Two varieties available, giving the precaster a choice of installation techniques
  • Accommodates variation in hole sizes through an adjustable hoop 
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM C923 and BNQ 2622-420 specifications 
  • Suitable for 2” (50 mm) through 18” (450 mm) connecting pipes 
  • Standard and oil-resistant versions available 

The beauty of the MIB series is its simple and functional design. The boot conforms to various hole sizes with an adjustable hoop. The jet clamp provides a quick installation of the connecting pipe. And repeated installation and removal can be completed without damage to the connector.

Tylox® Adjustable Boot Connectors utilize a hydraulic jack for installation, spreading the internal hoop to tighten the seal with the concrete hole. The hydraulic jacks can be purchased from HK.

Alternatively, Tylox® Cobra Boot connectors are installed with a torque wrench and socket. As the bolt in the mechanism tightens, the internal hoop expands against the inside of the concrete hole until the proper torque is achieved. Torque wrenches are available from HK.

HK torque wrench used to install Tylox MIB Cobra boot connectors

Close up of the adjustment mechanism of the Tylox MIB Cobra boot

Close up of the adjustment mechanism of the Tylox MIB Adjustable boot

HK jack and hydraulic hand pump used to install the Tylox MIB Adjustable boot


All Tylox® MIB Boot connectors are manufactured from synthetic rubber compounds to meet the material requirements of ASTM C923. They are available for standard or oil-resistant applications. Oil-resistant connectors will have an orange dot on the rubber molding.

Other materials and specifications may be available as a custom order. Please consult your Hamilton Kent representative regarding your specific requirements.

Pressure Rating

MIB Boot Connectors have been tested to 13 psig (90 kPa) watertight sealing in straight alignment and 10 psig (69 kPa) watertight sealing at 7° axial deflection.

Tylox® MIB connectors fit most hole sizes from 7” (175 mm) through 20” (500 mm) and connecting pipes with outer diameters from 1.8” (45 mm) through 18” (450 mm). Please refer to the Tylox® Cobra and Tylox® Adjustable Boot literature to see view the available models and dimensions to make the proper selection for your next project.

Please consult your Hamilton Kent representative regarding your specific requirements.

Available Models

PartPipe O.D. Range (in/mm)Hole Size Range (in/mm)
7” to 4-3-2”1.8/45.74.8/121.97.0/177.87.12/180.8
8” to 4-3-2”1.8/45.74.8/121.97.99/202.98.12/206.2
7” to 4”4.21/106.94.8/121.97.0/177.87.12/180.8
8” to 6”6.0/152.46.7/170.27.99/202.98.12/206.2
10.5” to 6”6.0/152.47.0/177.810.5/266.710.6/269.2
10.5” to 8”7.5/190.59.05/229.910.5/266.710.6/269.2
11” to 6”6.0/152.47.0/177.810.99/279.111.12/282.4
11” to 8”7.5/190.59.05/229.910.99/279.111.12/282.4
12” to 4”4.21/106.94.8/121.911.99/304.512.12/307.8
12” to 6”6.0/152.47.0/177.811.99/304.512.12/307.8
12” to 8”7.5/190.59.05/229.911.99/304.512.12/307.8
13” to 10”9.0/228.611.1/281.912.99/329.913.12/333.2
14” to 10”9.5/241.311.1/281.913.99/355.314.12/358.6
16” to 10”9.5/241.311.1/281.915.99/406.116.12/409.4
16” to 12”11.75/298.513.25/336.615.99/406.116.12/409.4
16” to 14”13.25/336.614.75/374.715.99/406.116.12/409.4
20” to 15”14.0/355.615.5/393.719.99/507.720.12/511.0
20” to 18”17.0/431.818.5/469.919.99/507.720.12/511.0
For informational purposes only. Consult your HK representative for sizing to suit your specific joint details.
*This model does not have locking teeth.