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Tylox® Microtunneling Gasket

To maximize the longevity of your next microtunneling pipe installation, it’s important to use watertight products that will stand the test of time. Without watertight joints, water infiltrates the pipeline and carries particles of soil with it. This will inevitably lead to a loss of soil fines around the pipeline and weaken it, which can eventually cause a total collapse. The Tylox® Microtunneling gasket is designed to provide a watertight seal on your microtunneling projects and has been tested up to 150 PSI (1034 kPa) with no leakage. Currently available up to 144” OD in a broad range of materials to meet your project specifications, you can rely on the Tylox® MT gasket.

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Product Benefits

  • Prevent costly failures on your highest-profile projects
  • Watertight and sustainable solution
  • North American supplier means reduced lead times
  • Dedicated design team familiar with your project and design considerations
  • Specification compliance

Unlike open cut techniques, microtunneling installs pipelines with minimal disruption at the ground level. Two shafts are excavated at opposite ends of the tunneling drive and a remotely controlled microtunneling boring machine is used in combination with pipe jacking to install sections of pipe underground. As the boring machine digs through the ground, the pipe segments are installed ne-by-one through the first shaft and the excavated earth and slurry are removed from the ground The end result is an underground tunnel that was installed without the exorbitant site rehabilitation costs associated with digging along the length of the pipe.

Hamilton Kent gaskets have been used successfully on a number of microtunnel projects in North America. We offer several gasket solutions that are installed on the spigot to create a watertight seal that complies with ASTM C443, C1619 Class A and Class C, CSA A2573, and AWWA C301, among others. These specifications are typical for North American projects, but we provide many gasket materials and likely have materials available to meet your specification requirements if they vary from those just mentioned.

A variety of profiles are available to meet different project requirements, and some have been tested up to 150 PSI (1034 kPa) with no leakage.

Specification Compliance

Hamilton Kent offers several gasket solutions that comply with ASTM C443, ASTM C361, ASTM C1619 Class A and Class C, CSA A257.3, AWWA C301, among others.

Gaskets are provided to meet your specification and design requirements. Please contact your HK representative for product selection.