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Tylox® Pipe Lubricant 

Specified throughout the industry and used day in and day out by precasters, Tylox® sets the standard for environmentally conscious gasket lubricants. Ideal for all types of pipe and manhole gaskets and connectors, Tylox® lubricants are a custom-formulated, stable blend of vegetable oils, soaps and water.

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Product Benefits

  • Minimal gasket swelling
  • Maximum coverage per pound 
  • Easy spreading 
  • Regular and NSF-approved Sub-Aqueous versions available 

Two types of lubricants are available. Tylox® Regular Lube fits the bill for sanitary and storm sewer applications. Where potable water is present, Tylox® NSF Sub-Aqueous Lube is the NSF-approved product because it does not impart taste or odor and will not support bacterial growth in the pipe.

Both lubricants are stable between -10° and 150° F (-23° and 65° C) and are ideally suited for cold weather conditions. Available in six container sizes, there’s Tylox® lube to fit all your needs.

Tylox® Regular Lube

For use in sanitary and storm sewer applications. (Not suitable for potable water lines.) Ideally suited for cold weather conditions, Tylox® Regular is stable for use between -10° and 150° F (-23° and 65° C).

Tylox® NSF/Sub-aqueous Lube

NSF (Standard #61) approved for use with potable water lines. Will not impart taste or odor to the water or support bacterial growth in the pipe. For installations with extremely wet trench conditions, prolonged exposure to standing or running water will not lessen its lubricating properties. Ideally suited for cold weather conditions, Tylox® NSF is stable for use between -10° and 150° F (-23° and 65° C)

Storage and Shelf Life

It is critical that lubricant be stored in temperatures from 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C). If properly stored in these conditions, the shelf life of each type is: Regular Lube, five years from packing date; NSF/Sub-Aqueous, two years from packing date. If the lubricant freezes, its performance will likely be adversely affected and it should be discarded.

Available Weights & Volumes

 Container Size
(lb/kg) & (USG/L)
per Skid
Actual2.0/0.91 (Reg. only)26*
Actual40/18.14 (NSF only)36
Actual450/204/12 (NSF only)4
Lube is packaged and sold by weight. Actual volume per container will vary by type (density) of lube.
*Qty per carton (minimum order)

Please contact your HK representative for assistance with product selection.