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Tylox® SOCL Gasket

The Tylox® Single Offset Concrete Pipe Rubber Gasket (SOCL) is easily installed on single offset concrete pipe and manhole joints, & features a unique profile design that reduces gasket stretch compared with conventional gaskets. This rubber gasket builds on the proven success of the pre-lubricated Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket design to offer similar benefits at a more economical price.

Our Tylox® SOCL profile gasket is compliant with the Build America, Buy America Act (BABA).

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Product Benefits

  • Reduced homing force
  • Simplified equalization
  • Manual coupling of pipe up to 24” (610 mm) 
  • Meets ASTM 361, ASTM 1619, ASTM C443, CSA A257 and California Greenbook material requirements 
  • Suitable for all pipe and manhole sizes 
  • Standard and oil-resistant versions available
  • Five different profiles to meet various joint designs 

Reduced stretch means less insertion force and less potential for bell breakage due to unequal stresses in the rubber gasket. That’s not all. The smart design of the SOCL makes equalization easier and virtually eliminates gasket roll and twist.

This adaptable workhorse of a gasket conforms to round, arch or elliptical pipe and manholes and comes in five different profiles to provide the perfect fit with various joint designs.


Tylox® SOCL gaskets are manufactured from synthetic rubber compounds that meet the material requirements of ASTM C1619, California Greenbook, and CSA A257.

The applicable specification and project application for gaskets are identified by a colored stripe around the periphery of the gasket:


  • C1619 Class C, C443, A257 – White stripe
  • C1619 Class A, C361, A257 – Blue stripe
  • California Greenbook – Green stripe


  • C1619 Class D, A257 – Orange stripe
  • California Greenbook – Yellow stripe

Pressure Rating

Pipe and manholes with Tylox® SOCL gaskets and single offset joints are regularly tested to the 13 psi/90 kPa requirements of ASTM C443 and C361.

Tylox® SOCL gaskets are produced in five different profiles to properly seal a variety of joint designs common in the pipe and manhole industries.

Available Models

ModelGasket dimensions (in/mm)For Annular Space* (in/mm)
* Total annular space.
This chart is for guideline purposes only. Please consult your HK Representative for sizing to suit your specific joint dimensions.

If your company has existing equipment for manufacturing a gasketed joint, please provide a joint drawing to your HK representative so the right gasket can be selected and priced for you. If you’re considering the purchase of single offset equipment, please consult with HK so we can provide a recommended joint design for the best performance and lowest gasket price.

Please consult your Hamilton Kent representative regarding your specific requirements.