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Tylox® Type C Fin Gasket 

The ideal seal for tongue and groove concrete pipe and manholes, the Tylox® Type C profile gasket creates watertight joints with its multiple sealing fins and compressible base. Easy to install, the Type C fin gasket features a self-positioning flange that automatically aligns the gasket as it is snapped onto the tongue or spigot. One limitation … it can only be used on joints with a slope of 5° or less.

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Product Benefits

  • Meets ASTM C443, ASTM C1619 and CSA A-257 material specifications 
  • Smooth, high-strength splicing 
  • Suitable for pipe sizes up to 72” (1829 mm) with an annular space up to 0.25” (6.35 mm)
  • Standard, oil-resistant and Greenbook versions available
  • Resists joint kickback

Perfectly engineered to tightly couple tongue and groove pipe, the gasket’s forward-facing fins eliminate joint kickback and form a leak-tight seal when compressed. There’s no roll or twist during coupling, and the scored gripping surface on the underside of the gasket provides enhanced grip to the spigot. The design of the Type C fin gasket accommodates up to 0.5” (12.7 mm) of joint deflection without leakage.

The Type C gasket works well on pipe sizes up to 72” (1829 mm). Make a solid connection every time with the Tylox® Type C Fin Gasket.

Tylox Type C Fin gasket Model 5817

Tylox Type C Fin gasket Model 5777

Tylox Type C Fin gasket Model 5796

Tylox® Type C Fin gaskets are manufactured from a variety of synthetic rubber compounds to meet the material requirements of ASTM C361, ASTM C443, ASTM C1619, California Greenbook and CSA A257.

The applicable specification is identified by a colored stripe around the periphery of the gasket:


  • C1619 Class C, C443, A257 – White stripe
  • C1619 Class A, C361, A257 – Blue stripe
  • California Greenbook – Green stripe


  • C1619 Class D, A257 – Orange stripe
  • California Greenbook – Yellow stripe

Pressure Rating

On tongue and groove joints with a 5° maximum slope, the Tylox® Type C profile gaskets can accommodate up to 13 psig (30 ft Head or 90 kPa) pressure requirements when fully homed in straight alignment. Proof of design testing should be completed at the plant to ensure the pipe and gaskets will meet project requirements.

Tylox® Type C Fin gaskets are produced in several models to seal different pipe sizes and joint configurations.

If your company has existing equipment for manufacturing a gasketed joint, please provide a joint drawing to your HK representative so the right gasket can be selected and priced for you. If you’re considering the purchase of tongue and groove equipment, please consult with HK so we can recommend a joint design for the best performance.

Available Models

ModelUp To Pipe Size (in/mm)Width (in/mm)Height (in/mm)For Annular Space (in/mm)
For informational purposes only. Consult your HK representative for sizing to suit your specific joint details.