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Tylox® WT+, WT and ST Cast-in Connectors

These cast-in, pipe-to-manhole connectors feature an innovative design that saves construction time and money, replacing mortared connections made at the jobsite. With these connectors cast-in at the manufacturing facility, concrete structures arrive onsite ready to go. The push-fit connection requires no special tools, creating a watertight seal that can be immediately backfilled.

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Product Benefits

  • Meets ASTM C923 and BNQ 2622-420 specifications 
  • Smooth high-strength splicing 
  • Suitable for all types and sizes of connecting pipes 
  • Standard and oil-resistant versions available 
  • Save construction time and money due to simple push-fit connection. No special tools needed. Ready for immediate backfilling. 

A cast-in connection means that the structure arrives onsite ready for the pipe, saving time and money during installation. The tight seal between the pipe and the structure protects the environment by reducing the potential for groundwater contamination.

The premium WT+ comes with unique “fold pockets” that reduce insertion forces and provide a guide for concrete placement. The textured embedment foot of the WT+ allows for increased contact between the concrete and the rubber and enhances its water stop capabilities.

Tylox connector mandrel secured to the core of the formwork

Tylox connector installed in the mandrel used to cast it into a concrete manhole

Tylox® WT+, WT and ST connectors are manufactured from synthetic rubber compounds to meet the material and testing requirements of ASTM C923. These connectors are also available in an oil-resistant rubber, identified by an orange dot on the rubber molding. Other materials to meet different specifications or project requirements may be available.

Pressure Rating

All WT+ and WT sizes have been tested to 13 psig (90 kPa) watertight sealing in straight alignment and 10 psig (69 kPa) watertight sealing at 7° axial deflection. The ST connectors have been tested to 6 psig (41 kPa) of sealing capacity, making them excellent for silt-tight and soil-tight applications.


The mandrels required for casting the WT+, WT and ST Connectors into concrete structures are available from Hamilton Kent. They are available in steel for smaller sizes and in fiberglass for larger sizes.

Manufactured to suit pipe sizes 15” (203 mm) to 72” (1830 mm), Tylox® WT+, WT & ST flexible connectors can accommodate many different varieties of connecting pipe materials and sizes for storm and sanitary systems, such as steel, ductile iron, PVC, clay and concrete.

For 4” (100 mm) to 15” (375 mm) OD pipe, we recommend using Tylox® XT Connectors, which are molded in sizes to accommodate PVC pipe from 4” (100 mm) to 18” (450mm).

Please consult your Hamilton Kent representative regarding your specific requirements.

WT+ Available Models

ModelPipe O.D. Range
in. (mm)
WT+ 315” thru 30”
WT+ 430” thru 60”
WT+ 560” thru 82”
(1525 -2085mm)
NOTE: For sizes smaller than 15”, please refer to the Tylox® XT datasheet for selecting a connector for your project.

WT Available Models

ST Available Models