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Tylox® XT Cast-in Connector

Watertight and economical, this push-fit cast-in connector for concrete pipe makes a watertight connection with a precast concrete manhole and maintains its strong seal, even if settlement occurs.

The flexible rubber connection saves construction time in the field. No special tools or equipment are needed for installation and there’s no waiting for mortar to cure. Simply make the connection and you’re ready for backfilling.

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Product Benefits

  • Meets ASTM C923 specifications
  • Cast into the precast manhole, eliminating concerns of leakage around the connector
  • Suitable for all types of PVC connecting pipes 
  • Standard and oil-resistant versions available 
  • Saves construction time and money due to simple push-fit connection. Self-centering. No special tools needed. Ready for immediate backfilling. 

Designed to replace mortared connections, the Tylox® XT not only saves time, it protects the environment by maintain its integrity, which reduces the potential for environmental hazards such as contaminated groundwater. Keeping the sanitary system intact also mitigates additional strain on the wastewater processing plant and reduces the need for cleanouts due to infiltration.

Suitable for all types of PVC connecting pipes, the XT connector series fits pipes with inside diameters from 4” (100 mm) to 18” (457 mm).

Tylox XT Connector placed into one side of the mandrel used for placing inside of forms

Tylox® XT connectors are manufactured from synthetic rubber compounds to meet the material and testing requirements of ASTM C923. XT connectors are available in an oil-resistant rubber, identified by an orange dot on the rubber molding.

Pressure Rating

All XT sizes have been tested to 13 psig (90 kPa) watertight sealing in straight alignment and 10 psig (69 kPa) watertight sealing at 7° axial deflection.

Tylox® XT connectors are molded in sizes to accommodate PVC pipe from 4” (100 mm) to 18” (450mm), per the chart below.

Available Models

PartPVC Pipe I.D.
XT044 in (100mm)
XT066 in (150mm)
XT088 in (200mm)
XT1010 in (250mm)
XT1212 in (300mm)
XT1515 in (375mm)
XT18*18 in (457mm)
*For 60” manholes with a 6” wall, or larger.
2” and 3” models are custom products available upon request.


Rubber mandrels for casting these connectors into concrete are available from Hamilton Kent.

Please consult with your HK representative regarding your specific requirements.