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Connective & Sealing Products

Watertight Seals for Concrete & Plastic Pipe

Through continuous innovation since our founding in the 1940s, Hamilton Kent has built a diverse portfolio of pipe, manhole and box culvert gaskets, in addition to a full range of cast-in and mechanically-installed pipe-to-concrete structure connectors. Our high-quality products will satisfy the requirements of nearly any pipe and structure material, configuration and joint design, for both sanitary and storm sewer applications. Check the categories below to learn more about the individual products that could meet your project needs.

Rubber Parts for Transportation

Pavement and bridge expansion joint seals provide the flexibility required to allow for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, while also providing a permanent watertight seal, protecting the roadway.

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Straub Mechanical Couplings

Hamilton Kent partners with Straub to offer couplings for repair or prevention of joint leakage, as well as a test coupling to measure the watertightness of pipe and manhole joints.

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