Concrete Pipe Gaskets & Seals

Rubber Sealing Solutions for Underground Piping Systems

At Hamilton Kent, we’ve been researching, developing, and manufacturing rubber gaskets & sealing products for concrete pipe and precast structures since 1943. Over the decades, we have produced an extensive array of gaskets that seal the joints of virtually any pipe and precast configuration, including round, elliptical, and arch pipe, manholes, and many types of box culverts.

Regardless of the joint designs or size of structures, we’ll seal your pipe and precast with the right gasket. Whether the joint is a single offset, confined O-ring, or tongue-and-groove application, look no further than Hamilton Kent if you need a watertight seal.

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Choosing the Right Gasket for Concrete & Pipe and Precast

Hamilton Kent understands that the style of gasket for any project depends on the application and the market being served. The manufacturer’s tooling, local specifications, and the risks associated with performance all play a major role in determining the appropriate gasket. That’s where our experienced HK team can help. Whether the job requires a high-performing gasket line like the Tylox® SuperSeal™ or the basic design of SOC-L, we’ll help you determine the perfect gasket for your application.

It’s All About Options

Regardless of the product or application, you’ll find a wide variety of options with Hamilton Kent. From box culvert to arch pipe, from simple storm drainage pipe to large-diameter sanitary sewers, from manholes to oil and grit separators, there’s a Hamilton Kent sealing solution for you. Browse through our list of offerings and let us know how we can seal your deal!

The HK Promise

  • Watertight sealing products based on decades of research and development
  • A long record of reliable customer service
  • A diverse selection of high-quality products
  • An experienced team known for innovative solutions
  • Significant inventory levels