Concrete Pipe Gaskets & Seals

Rubber Sealing Solutions for Underground Piping Systems

At Hamilton Kent, we have been researching, perfecting, and manufacturing rubber gaskets and sealing products for concrete pipe and precast structures since 1943. Over the decades, we have produced an extensive array of gaskets that seal the joints of virtually any pipe and precast configuration, including round, elliptical, and arch pipe, manholes, and many types of box culverts.

With Hamilton Kent gaskets and seals, you’ll get high-quality products every time, regardless of the joint designs or size of structures. Whether the joint is a single offset, confined O-ring, or tongue-and-groove application, look no further than Hamilton Kent if you need a watertight seal.
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Types of Hamilton Kent Gaskets

Regardless of the product or application, you will find a wide variety of options with Hamilton Kent gaskets and seals. From box culvert to arch pipe, from simple storm drainage pipe to large-diameter sanitary sewers and jacking pipe for tunnels, from manholes to oil and grit separators, there’s a Hamilton Kent sealing solution for you. Not only do we have a broad range of gasket styles, but we produce them for pipe sizes from 10” to 144” in diameter. We also produce gaskets for box culverts as large as 25’ wide by 10’ tall.

The industry’s premier gasket, the Hamilton Kent Tylox® SuperSeal™ gasket, eliminates the need for messy joint wraps and lubricants, saving time and labor on the job site. Under continuous development and improvement since the 1990s, our Tylox® SuperSeal™ line provides unparalleled watertight sealing for all styles of concrete pipe, box culvert, and tunneling products. TSS gaskets come in these configurations:

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High-Quality Rubber Compounds

Hamilton Kent concrete pipe gaskets are made from cured rubber in configurations that provide a watertight seal when pipe sections are pushed together at the job site. HK gaskets are manufactured with a variety of rubber compounds to meet specified material requirements for projects or to meet specific job site demands:

  • EPDM – Provides ozone and UV resistance for up to six months. Also has good resistance against acids and bases.
  • Polyisoprene (IR) – Provides superior overall gasket properties, including elongation (stretch) strength. This material meets the material requirements of ASTM C1619 Class A, which ASTM C361 references for sanitary sewer projects.
  • SBR – This compound is often more readily available than others and meets the material requirements of ASTM C1619 Class C, referenced by ASTM C443.
  • Nitrile and Neoprene – Both compounds have better resistance to oils and other petroleum-based substances. Gaskets made from these materials meet the requirements of ASTM C1619 Classes B and D.

Certifications and Specifications

All concrete pipe gaskets must meet certain classes of ASTM C1619, depending on the specifications for a project. Generally, sanitary projects will require C1619 Class A (standard rubber) or B (oil-resistant rubber) and stormwater projects will reference C1619 Class C (standard) or D (oil-resistant).

HK has been ISO 9001 certified in our Toronto facility since 2004 and in our Tennessee location since 2013. The Tennessee plant has also been certified under the American Concrete Pipe Association’s QCast program since 2021.

Benefits of Hamilton Kent Concrete Pipe Gaskets

There are many benefits to specifying or using Hamilton Kent concrete pipe gaskets, including expert engineering support, quality craftsmanship, and a broad selection of gaskets for just about any concrete pipe or box culvert structure. The HK production and quality control team follow rigorous standards to ensure customers receive the highest quality. We also have a research and development team that continuously works to develop new products to provide broader and better solutions for the industry.

What are rubber gaskets used for?

Rubber gaskets for concrete pipes are used for many underground infrastructure and bridge projects, including storm drainage, sanitary/wastewater, industrial, domestic water, & micro-tunnel piping projects.

Storm drainage and sanitary/wastewater treatment, collection, containment, and conveyanceRubber gaskets seal the joints between segments of concrete pipe and box culverts and plastic pipe. HK also supplies gaskets and sealant for joints between manhole sections and produces a variety of flexible rubber gaskets for watertight pipe-to-structure connections.

Industrial Piping Systems – HK supplies a broad spectrum of couplings for the external sealing of joints between pipe sections in various sizes and types.

Domestic Water – Joint gaskets for plastic, steel, and concrete pressure pipe.

Tunneling – Micro-tunnel and jacking pipe and box culvert joint gaskets.

Roads & Bridges – Expansion joint seals.

HK Engineering Support

Hamilton Kent understands that the style of gasket for any project depends on the application and the market being served. The manufacturer’s tooling, local specifications, and the risks associated with performance all play a major role in determining the appropriate gasket. That’s where our experienced HK team can help. Whether the job requires a high-performing gasket line like the Tylox® SuperSeal™ or the basic design of SOC-L, we’ll help you determine the perfect gasket for your application.

HK customers should expect the following:

  • Timely response to all inquiries, whether by phone, email, or through the website or social media.
  • Gaskets are available in stock on commonly needed SKUs and have a relatively short turnaround on special sizes and materials.
  • Top-notch engineering support for evaluating current joint details to determine the optimal gasket solution, designing custom gaskets to meet unique requirements, and recommendations to solve job site challenges.
  • Sales support includes quotations, joint forming equipment measurement, presentations, engineering, sales, or contractors’ education.
  • Professional communication and conduct from our team.