Pipe-to-Manhole Connectors

Hamilton Kent provides a broad spectrum of flexible rubber connectors to meet the requirements and specifications of nearly any application.

Mechanically Installed Boot (MIB) Connectors

For a basic pipe-to-manhole connection, a mechanically installed boot connector (MIB) is a simple and cost-effective choice. Manhole boot connectors can be installed into a hole formed during the casting process or into a hole created using a coring machine. Hamilton Kent offers several different types of MIB connectors to make each pipe-to-manhole intersection an excellent connection.

Cast-in Connectors

Hamilton Kent manufactures several cast-in connectors to ensure a strong, permanent seal between the pipe and the concrete structure. Available in a variety of designs for all types of applications, our connectors are perfect for pipes ranging in diameters from several inches to several feet. These HK cast-in connectors come with mandrels to ensure a perfect fit with your manhole structure.

Push-Fit Connectors

When a permanent, watertight connection between pipe and structure is needed, check out the Hamilton Kent line of flexible push-in connectors and compression-fit connectors. The design of the push-fit connector provides a watertight seal between a concrete structure and the connecting pipe. These connectors offer an economical, simple alternative to the traditional boot-style connector. Flexible enough to meet your most rigid standards!

Product Benefits of Pipe-to-Manhole Connectors

  • Saves operating time and money
  • Provides a long-lasting watertight seal
  • Reduces groundwater contamination
  • Reduces wastewater processing of groundwater infiltrated into sanitary systems
  • Meets material requirements of ASTM C923