Rubber Gaskets for Plastic Pipe

Hamilton Kent incorporates an innovative spirit and decades of experience in the design and manufacture of rubber gaskets for the PVC, HDPE and PP plastic pipe industry. We are laser-focused on developing products that will ensure watertight or silt-tight pipe for water, sanitary, industrial, storm drain, mining, and culvert applications.

Custom Rubber Gaskets for HDPE & PP Drainage Pipe

While the design and appearance of HDPE and PP pipe are often similar from one manufacturer to the next, the type of gasket needed to seal the joints can be vastly different. Regardless of your joint design, gasket location or gasket style, the design experts at Hamilton Kent will provide solutions that meet your design requirements and yield high-quality results.

Custom Rubber Gaskets for PVC Pipe

Typically, PVC gaskets are fitted into the bell of the pipe and require a special design and fabrication to secure them in place until the pipe is installed at the jobsite. It is critical that gaskets maintain the proper fit because joints must be watertight since the pipes often transport either drinking water or sanitary sewer water. In every case, the gaskets must perform equally as well as the pipe. For decades, Hamilton Kent has worked with PVC pipe manufacturers to deliver an effective solution that creates a long-lasting seal and protects the environment.

Product Benefits of Rubber Gaskets for Plastic Pipe

  • Customized solutions available to meet your design requirements
  • Variety of rubber compounds to provide UV and chemical resistance
  • Single and dual durometer gasket options are available
  • Excellent sealing capability
  • Wide size range availability