Pressure Couplings

Hamilton Kent brings the high-pressure coupling expertise of Straub to the precast industry with two special couplings for concrete pipe and structures. A longtime manufacturer of high-pressure, stainless steel couplings for a variety of industries, Straub worked with HK’s innovations team to design the HK Coupling by Straub and the HK Test Coupling by Straub.

HK Coupling by Straub

The HK Coupling by Straub is the ideal way to seal joints or make repairs in the field for sewer lines that require high-pressure couplings. The HK Coupling by Straub meets the municipal requirement of up to 50 psi/345 kPa for sewer lines running near drinking water pipelines, for lines under pressure, and for manhole connections in locations with high water tables. The HK Coupling is a lightweight, low-profile, modern coupling solution for fast and easy installation around all sizes of straight wall pipe or manhole – including bell-and-spigot, and tongue-and-groove joint designs.

HK Test Coupling by Straub

The HK Test Coupling by Straub is an external joint testing tool that can maintain up to 50 psi/345 kPa of external joint pressure. This useful tool enables plants to test the watertightness of joints before they are shipped to an installation. The HK Test Coupling by Straub tests for infiltration, which is a more important test methodology than the traditional exfiltration testing common in the past. This coupling provides a simplified test method to ensure that joints and gaskets will provide the watertight seal required by the job.

Product Benefits of Pressure Couplings

  • Fast and simple to install (two- or three-bolt options)
  • Works with non-round pipe and structures
  • Lightweight low-profile design
  • Cost-effective when compared with traditional methods
  • Compensates for axial movement
  • Bell and spigots do not need to be specially designed