Straub Mechanical Couplings


Pipe Joining Couplings

Versatile, durable and easy to install, Straub mechanical couplings offer the ideal way to join pipes safely and economically. Quick to install and made from non-corrosive materials, Straub couplings can be customized for special applications and used for joining pipe made from different materials...

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Pipe Repair Couplings

The broad range of applications and ability to join different pipe materials makes Straub couplings ideal for repairs of all types and sizes of pipes...

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Pipe Joint Testing

The HK Test Coupling by Straub makes it easy to joint test straight wall concrete pipe and manholes. This external joint testing tool can maintain up to 50 psi/345 kPa of external joint pressure....

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Marine Couplings

Working in conjunction with shipbuilders, Straub developed the Straub Metal-Grip and Straub Grip-L for marine use. Thoroughly tested and authorized by marine approval bodies internationally, Straub couplings are recognized by the marine industry as lightweight, space-saving, quick and easy to install....

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