Pipe Joining Couplings

Straub logoTraditional ways of joining pipe in industrial, municipal, domestic water, and HVAC applications have included welding and installing flange adaptors. Those processes are labor-intensive and inefficient compared with the innovative pipe joining methods of Straub couplings from Hamilton Kent.

Used throughout the industry for joining pipes made of any material, Straub products can be found underground, joining and repairing pipes, above-ground within the walls of buildings joining plumbing and HVAC lines, inside the perimeter of parking structures and on transmission lines in various ships and oil platforms. Wherever pipe connections are needed, there’s a Straub coupling that can do the job.

Product Description

Versatile, durable, and easy to install, Straub mechanical couplings offer the ideal way to join pipes safely and economically. Quick to install and made from non-corrosive materials, Straub couplings can be customized for special applications and used for joining pipes made from different materials.

Available in multiple sizes and styles for all pipe materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, PVC, and more. Straub products feature an innovative progressive sealing system that improves as pressure increases in the pipe. No welding is required, which means significant installation time savings and no fire watch needed on the job site. Straub couplings have far fewer bolts than flanged connections, which further reduces installation time and headaches. Sealing and anchoring functions are independent in Straub couplings, reducing stress on the components and resulting in flexible connections that can compensate for misalignment and angular deflection.

Backed by more than five decades of research and development, Straub couplings are engineered to join all types of pipe material and sizes. A wide range of axial restraint coupling types are available for cast iron, ductile and plastic pipe and can be matched to meet the specifications and pressure requirements dictated by the project to ensure a watertight connection. Straub restraint couplings are approved and listed by international shipbuilding standards groups for use throughout the marine industry. Additionally, our non-axial restraint couplings can be found in infrastructure projects wherever pipes up to 144” (3.66 m) and greater in diameter need to be joined.

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Coupling Types

Whether for new construction, expansions, or repairs, there is a Straub system solution for most pipe joining applications. Repair couplings provide a permanent solution for mending faulty weld joints, pitting holes, and short cracks. Open flex and split-gasket Straub couplings repair pipelines with little downtime since pipe sections do not need to be cut, replaced, and welded. There are countless uses for Straub coupling products due to their universal connection properties.

Axial Restraint Couplings

Straub-Grip, Metal-Grip, Plast-Grip, and Plast-Pro products use the principle of axial restraint to provide a solid mechanical connection for all metal and rigid plastic pipes. Straub restraint couplings feature an innovative progressive sealing effect that tightens the grip as pressure increases. Installation can be performed on smooth-ended pipes without any pipe-end machining. The compact design makes it possible to install Straub couplings in confined spaces. The flexible design of the couplings allows for easy adjustments onsite and enables quick installation that saves time and cuts costs. Available in diameters up to 28” (711mm). Larger sizes are available upon request.

Non-Axial Restraint Couplings

Sometimes axial restraint isn’t needed. In these cases, the Straub non-axial restraint coupling offers a flexible connection that can be used to join all types and sizes of pipes, up to 150” (3.82m) and larger in diameter. The flexibility of the connection helps with misalignment and angular deflection. The coupling also dampens noise and vibration and makes it possible to join pipes made from different materials. The Straub Open Flex, with a hinged casing, can be fitted around pipes to make connections or repairs without removing the existing pipes. When combined with an M11 harness, Straub non-axial restraint couplings provide the same axial restraint capabilities as Straub restraint couplings. Straub Step Flex couplings are also ideal when joining pipes of different diameters – up to 1” (30mm).