Marine Couplings

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Working in conjunction with shipbuilders, Straub developed the Straub Metal-Grip and Straub Grip-L for marine use. Thoroughly tested and authorized by marine approval bodies internationally, Straub couplings are recognized by the marine industry as lightweight, space-saving, quick and easy to install. Navy shock tests have shown that Straub couplings remain sealed even in a distressed condition, such as after a collision or underwater explosion.

For all types of watercraft – from yachts and ferries to cruise ships and military frigates – Straub couplings provide vibration damping, shock absorbing, safe and efficient connections for all types of marine pipeline systems.

Straub restraint couplings absorb the axial forces from increasing internal pressure with an innovative mechanical frictional connection comprised of anchoring teeth. As the internal pressure increases, the teeth engage deeper into the pipe surface, creating the restraint connection. Straub flexible couplings for marine use.

Straub Open-Flex split-couplings make it easy to repair service pipelines without welding. Leaks due to faulty weld joints, pitting holes and short cracks can be temporarily or permanently repaired with minimal down time. The split gasket design wraps around the pipe with no disassembly.