Pipe Repair Couplings

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The broad range of applications and ability to join different pipe materials makes Straub couplings ideal for repairs of all types and sizes of pipes. Straub couplings are ideal for reliable repairs to pipes leaking from corrosion, pipes with pitting holes and short cracks, faulty weld joints and other failures. The innovative Straub sealing lip system requires no welding and provides a dependable, long-lasting repair solution for materials such as steel, cast iron, ductile, fiber cement, PVC, PE, or fiberglass material.

Straub repair coupling clamps are available in single and split-coupling versions for repairing holes and circumferential breaks.

For large pipes, the Rep-Flex incorporates Straub’s innovative lip sealing system to create a dependable and durable repair for numerous pipe materials such as steel, case iron, ductile iron, fiber cement, PVC or PE. Rep-Flex couplings can also be used to repair and join pipes of different materials, and is ideal to repair holes and circumferential breaks.