Rubber Products for Transportation

A leader in developing innovative and sustainable sealing solutions for roadways and bridges across North America, Hamilton Kent products can be found on everything from short, rural bypasses to the largest iconic bridges that connect major cities. HK products include pavement and bridge joint seals for expansion joints on bridges and highways; bearing pads installed under the bridge and parking structure sections; and the Lifespan System®, our watertight manhole frame-and-cover system used in inflow and infiltration-sensitive areas.

Pavement Seals & Expansion Joints for Bridges

State and local governments across North America are looking for sustainable solutions that will last longer, protect their infrastructure better, and cost less in the long run. HK expansion joints do just that, in locations where the pavement is expected to expand and contract, or where the pavement meets a bridge or overpass. Our precision rubber seals allow for movement while maintaining a watertight seal between pavement sections or between the pavement and a bridge structure.

Bearing Pads

HK bearing pads serve a dual purpose: helping to mitigate vibrations from vehicular traffic while protecting the underlying structure from damage. When used under bridge and parking structures, HK bearing pads reduce the stress associated with the vertical and horizontal loads from traffic.

The Lifespan System®

Watertight and corrosion-proof, the HK Lifespan System® is a non-conductive, locking rubber manhole frame-and-cover structure that prevents stormwater from entering sanitary sewers through the top of the manhole. Designed to eliminate unwanted flows at the cover and chimney area, the HK Lifespan System® provides watertight structural integrity, ensuring a longer service life for the underlying concrete structure.

Product Benefits of Gaskets for Transportation

  • Enhances life expectancy of roadways, bridges, and structures
  • Watertight
  • Sustainable
  • Cost-effective options
  • Protects pavement