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Pipe and Precast Producers Embrace HK’s SuperSeal Gasket

There is a simple reason why the Tylox SuperSeal gasket from Hamilton Kent sets the standard for sealing concrete pipe and box culverts: quality. Concrete pipe and precast producers that stake their reputations on quality will match the SuperSeal with their products to ensure a successful installation. Specifiers seeking a 100+ year infrastructure lifecycle will specify the SuperSeal to ensure a long-term watertight seal that protects the environment. Contractors appreciate how much easier, faster and safer the SuperSeal makes their installations.

The quality component is at the center of Carl V. Carlson’s appreciation of the SuperSeal gasket. It goes hand-in-hand with his focus on producing top quality pipe and precast from his state-of-the-art plant in Hartford, South Dakota.

“We like to provide superior product, and to do that we need to have a superior gasket” said Carlson, president of Cemcast. “When you put our product with an HK gasket, you have the best possible product for your customer. It makes our lives a lot easier and makes our business better. But above all, it makes the contractor’s day much, much easier.”

Proven time and again in thousands of installations over the last 30 years throughout North America, the SuperSeal gasket’s internal lubrication and rolling tube eliminate messy lubricants and debris that can contaminate the joint. The SuperSeal design also enables installers to join the pipes with less force, saving time, reducing stress on the joint and improving safety.

As the concrete pipe and precast industry has evolved, so has the single offset gasketing method, said Randy Reimer, Hamilton Kent director of sales and marketing. 

“Single offset pipe and manholes are much easier to produce than an o-ring joint, and that lends itself to automation,” Reimer said. “At the same time we were developing the SuperSeal gasket, equipment manufacturers started to incorporate a lot more automation. So not only is the SuperSeal an improvement on the technology, it allowed equipment manufacturers to bring more automation into their equipment, which is a win-win for everybody.”

Installation using the o-ring or simple wedge gaskets requires a certain amount of expertise and sometimes produces what Reimer calls a “bounce back” effect. “The contractor would push the pipes together, and then when they relieved the pressure, the joint would open up. When the joint opens, you lose compression on the gasket, and the gasket then becomes vulnerable. With SuperSeal, when you push the pipe together, the teeth in the tube hold that joint together to resist that bounce-back.”

Cemcast includes the SuperSeal gasket with all its gasketed products, Carlson said. “Round reinforced concrete pipe, arch pipe, manholes – everything is gasketed. The contractors love the single offset gasket because it’s foolproof,” he added. “They can put it on in a minimal amount of time and it’s not a struggle. You push the pipes together and you have a superior product that’s watertight to 13 psi.”

Infrastructure Precast, located in Beaver Dam, Kentucky, began making structures in about 2010 and expanded its product line in 2022, adding reinforced concrete pipe to its suite of products. Bill Thompson, an industry veteran, was a fan of the SuperSeal gasket when he joined the company after using it at his previous company.

“We used the Hamilton Kent gasket with great success previously, so my recommendation to the folks who own Infrastructure Precast was to follow down that line and use SuperSeal to seal our pipe.”

Thompson said that some pipe companies are still sending out gaskets that require lubricants or butyl sealants with their products, “but they can be kind of messy and hard to work with in the summertime when it’s hot and in the wintertime when it’s cold,” he said. Contractors prefer the Hamilton Kent gasket because, “it’s easy to install and one less thing to keep up with. That’s why I recommended the Hamilton Kent gasket when we started making concrete pipe. We’re very satisfied and have been ever since.”

Both Thompson and Carlson appreciate the support they have received from the Hamilton Kent team along the way.

“They have always been there to assist whatever we need, like measuring pallets and headers,” Thompson said.

The HK team has partnered with Cemcast from the start, even helping choose their original joint design, Carlson said.

“We relied heavily on the expertise of Hamilton Kent to make sure that we would have a joint that fit together well and seal very well. They worked with our pipe machinery manufacturer to make sure that we had a good quality joint,” he said.

“After we received our joint equipment, HK came to our plant and aided us in verifying that all our joint equipment was compliant. Later, we purchased equipment from them that allows to test our own joint rings. At every step of the process, they helped us, and we relied on them. Today, when we have questions about a particular application, we will consult with them, and they always have the answers we need.” A quality gasket backed by quality service. That’s how Hamilton Kent sets the standard with the Tylox SuperSeal gasket.

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